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Manston Airport is a unique and important transport infrastructure asset in the UK. An illustrious history as a Battle of Britain airfield and, with the right commercial appetite, investment and operation, a promising future as a vibrant hub for international airfreight – one which delivers economic prosperity and employment across Kent and protects a strategic aviation resource for the nation.

The air freight market is ripe for an alternative to the overcrowded London airports system. Manston’s accessibility, long runway and community support represent the strongest option available to Government to increase runway capacity in the south east for air freight. Our analysis also tells us that Manston enjoys considerable support among airlines and freight forwarders too. A revived Manston Airport will provide air freight operators with a realistic alternative to the overcrowded London airports, ease the considerable road congestion caused by lorries carrying freight through the channel tunnel to European airports, improve resilience and boost economic growth and jobs in Kent. Our plans seek also to attract passenger services and business aviation too, providing the people of Kent with an international airport once more.

Given the scale of our proposed redevelopment of Manston Airport, the plans are submitted for consideration as a ‘Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project’ as defined by the Planning Act 2008. This means that RiverOak will make an application to the Planning Inspectorate for a Development Consent Order (DCO) to be granted by the Secretary of State for Transport.

An important part of the DCO process is to consult widely with all interested stakeholders. In July 2016, RiverOak Investments, as we were then known, conducted a non-statutory consultation into our proposals for Manston, with six events held in the local community and feedback forms available both online and in printed form.

You can read our 2016 pre-application summary document by clicking here.

More than 800 responses to the non-statutory consultation were received, with 90% of local people supporting our proposals. All of the feedback and questions received during the non-statutory consultation has been being factored into the development of our detailed proposals for Manston, which were published for formal, statutory consultation, along with the preliminary environmental information (PEI) report, in June and July 2017. You can find all the 2017 statutory consultation documents by clicking here.

There were 2,200 responses to the statutory consultation. These responses were considered and the plans underwent further development. In November 2017, RiverOak announced plans to give the public a further chance to comment on its proposals to reopen Manston, before making an application to the Secretary of State for Transport for a Development Consent Order in 2018.

This further consultation is taking place from 12 January 2018 to 16 February 2018 and includes:

  • a proposed noise mitigation plan – namely the specific commitments we propose to make to minimise aircraft noise impacts;
  • the new areas of environmental assessment and where these can be found in the updated preliminary environmental information; and
  • the details of where the plans have become more developed since the consultation in June/July 2017.

Responses are particularly sought on all these matters, but previous responses will continue to be considered and new responses can be made on any aspect of the project. Click here for details about the consultation, copies of all consultation documents and a link to an online feedback form.


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