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Refined proposals and plans to reduce the impact of aircraft noise form heart of 2018 Manston Airport Consultation

Published on January 12th 2018

RiverOak Strategic Partners has published a draft Noise Mitigation Plan, which includes plans to restrict the operation of noisier types of aircraft and night time operations, as part of a further consultation on its plans to revive Manston Airport as a thriving air freight hub, which begins today (12 January 2018). The plan also allows for the insulation of affected properties and the creation of a community trust.

To ensure that those living in communities most likely to be affected by the reopening of Manston Airport are aware of the consultation, more than 50,000 postcards have been distributed to communities in and around Herne Bay and Ramsgate as well as advertising in local and national newspapers.

The draft Noise Mitigation Plan includes proposals for a quota count system, used at many UK airports, which would seek to control the total amount of noise from aircraft using the airport. Twelve further measures are proposed, including an insulation scheme for residential and noise-sensitive commercial properties (such as schools), and fines for individually noisy aircraft, or those that stray from approved flightpaths without good reason, to be spent by a Community Consultative Committee that will be set up.

Other changes to the proposals include:

• Development of the masterplan for the airport site, such as
  smaller recycling hangars;
  • additional parking to the east of the site;
  • greater detail in and around the cargo facilities;
  • addition of small business aviation hangars and helicopter stands;
  • existing redundant pavement either side of the runways is now shown as being retained, following consultation feedback from the Environment Agency;
  • a proposed fuel farm and fire station are now shown on the masterplan;
  • highway junctions in and around the airport have been substantially developed, including a major upgrade to the Spitfire Way / Manston Road junction; and
  • access to the passenger terminal has been substantially developed, including a 30m exclusion zone between the terminal building and traffic.
• More developed environmental information, including additional assessment of the likely effects of reopening Manston on the environment, such as the effect on climate change, waste, human health, and major accidents and disasters.

George Yerrall, a director of RiverOak, said: “Although not the only aspect of our plans that we are seeking feedback upon, we have always been aware that the issue of noise created by the operation of a redeveloped Manston Airport would be one of the issues of principal concern for Thanet residents. We understand those concerns and, in response, have decided to proactively offer a range of commitments designed to address their concerns to the extent possible.

“Strictly speaking, a Noise Mitigation Plan is not required at either consultation or application stages of a Development Consent Order, but we believe it is right to offer a draft plan now for feedback, which will enable us to take the feedback into consideration before the plan before is finalised.”

“We look forward to welcoming the community to our consultation events in Ramsgate and Herne Bay – and to receiving feedback on any aspect of our refined proposals.”

The consultation documents can be accessed as follows:

a. Online at https://rsp.co.uk/statutory-consultation/
b. At eleven local libraries although, due to its size, hard copies of the PEIR are only available at Deal, Margate and Ramsgate libraries; other libraries will have on-screen versions.
c. At two additional consultation events:
  the Comfort Inn, Victoria Parade, Ramsgate CT11 8DT, from 12 noon to 8pm on Tuesday 23 January 2018; and
  The King’s Hall, Beacon Hill, Herne Bay CT6 6BA, from 12 noon to 8pm on Wednesday 24 January 2018.

The deadline for responses is 11.59pm on Friday 16 February 2018. Responses to the consultation can be made online, by email, by post or at the consultation events. Full details of how to respond is available at rsp.co.uk or at the libraries hosting consultation information.

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