RPS letter to Kent County Council on Local Transport Plan consultation

On Friday 28 October, planning consultants RPS issued a letter, on behalf of RiverOak, to Kent County Council highlighting a number of points in relation to KCC’s consultation on their draft Local Transport Plan, particularly on the issue of maximising the use of existing regional airport capacity.

Letter to Thanet Council Chief Executive from Bircham Dyson Bell

Bircham Dyson Bell, solicitors for RiverOak, have today sent a letter to Madeline Homer, Chief Executive of Thanet Council, highlighting the RiverOak professional team’s concerns both with the methodology and findings of Avia Solutions report and the manner in which it is being considered by the council in connection with the Local Plan process.

RiverOak: Factual errors, poor methodology and wilful ignorance of evidence render Avia Report ‘unsafe and unusable’

RiverOak is working on a comprehensive rebuttal of the Avia Solutions report, which it plans to release early next week, highlighting how basic factual errors and questionable methodology, together with a decision to ignore six respected and publicly available air freight studies, has led to a set of conclusions about Manston Airport that are unsafe for Thanet Council to rely on and therefore render the report unusable.