Statement on noise

As aircraft noise is the most perceptible effect from an airport, this issue has naturally caused the most concern for local residents. This is the case particularly for the noise generated by night flights. This statement sets out the current position and how it will be finalised.

We are designing Manston so that our customers are both able and incentivised to fly during the day. The airport is being designed so that capacity comfortably exceeds demand in order, principally, to provide a high quality of service to customers by reducing…

Deal Library closure

We have been advised that Deal Library will now close this week and will reopen on 20 February. For any Deal residents still wishing to view consultation documents, including the full Preliminary Environmental Information Report (PEIR), or collect a feedback form ahead of the consultation deadline this Friday, 16 February, there are several options open to you:

1. View/download the documents and submit your feedback via our website;
2. Visit either Ramsgate, Margate or Herne Bay Libraries…