Land referencing

In order to prepare for our application for a Development Consent Order to rebuild and reopen Manston Airport we are legally required to make a ‘diligent inquiry’ to establish who owns and occupies the land that will be affected by the project.

Comments by Councillor Wells

RiverOak Strategic Partners Limited (“RiverOak”) has been engaging with Thanet District Council, in order to pursue a project to revive Manston Airport as a successful and profitable airfreight hub. We believe that the airport will be a huge benefit to the local community, with job creation and increased local industry, as well as complimentary passenger and engineering services.

The formation and funding of RiverOak Strategic Partners

We know that there is considerable interest in the formation and funding of RiverOak Strategic Partners, particularly the identity of our investors and we understand that this is born of a desire by many local people to feel confident that the DCO can proceed successfully and Manston can reopen as swiftly as possible.