RiverOak Investments responds to comments by Stone Hill Park

RiverOak Investments is disappointed by the inaccurate and misleading comments made yesterday (21 September) by a Stone Hill Park spokesperson on our exciting plans for Manston airport project. We felt we had no option but to respond to their deliberate misinterpretation of our approach to community engagement, which is one of the largest and most comprehensive seen in this part of the country.

RiverOak responds to inaccurate ‘No Night Flights’ allegations

On Kent Online today (6 September 2016), the No Night Flights campaign suggests, among other allegations, that our plan is for: “the UK’s biggest dedicated cargo airport and a huge industrial estate on what is now undeveloped land” that will “do nothing for the heritage of the site, nothing for the environment and nothing for the future prosperity or quality of life of local residents.”

Osprey report highlights ‘safety hazards’ in proposals for new communications masts

A detailed review, by specialist technical consultancy Osprey Consulting Services, of the Wind Business Report into the proposed communications masts by Vigilant Global UK Ltd and New Line Networks, highlights the potential of both masts to impact upon aircraft operations and the proposed Vigilant mast, in particular, to create “significant flight safety hazards” to operational aircraft at a revived Manston Airport.