Representation period commences for Manston DCO examination stage

The Planning Inspectorate has confirmed that the representation period begins today (Monday 3 September) and runs to Monday 8 October. Anyone with an interest in making representations about the application should visit the Planning Inspectorate website, to register as an interested Party.

Manston Airport DCO is first to be accepted for examination

RiverOak Strategic Partners’ Development Consent Order, for the reopening of Manston Airport in Kent as a major international cargo hub, is the first application for a nationally significant airport project to be accepted for examination by the Planning Inspectorate. The Planning Inspectorate announced its decision on 14 August 2018.

RSP’s Manston Airport Development Consent Order application is resubmitted

RiverOak Strategic Partners (RSP) is today (16 July 2018) re-submitting its application for a Development Consent Order (DCO) in which it seeks development consent and compulsory acquisition powers over the Manston Airport site. RSP’s plan for Manston envisages the airport as a major international cargo hub, as well…

Temporary withdrawal of application

RiverOak Strategic Partners has temporarily withdrawn its DCO application in respect of Manston Airport. This is not uncommon with DCOs and RSP is in dialogue with the Planning Inspectorate in order that the application can be resubmitted as soon as possible.

RiverOak Strategic Partners submits Development Consent Order application

RiverOak Strategic Partners has today dispatched 63 documents, containing almost 11,000 detailed pages of proposals and plans to re-open Manston Airport as an air freight hub with complementary passenger and general aviation services, to the Planning Inspectorate in Bristol. The Development Consent Order application includes a full Environmental Statement, a four-volume Economic Assessment…