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RSP donates £100,000 help AGE UK set up a community hub in Thanet

SP donates £100,000 help AGE UK set up a community hub in Thanet

RiverOak Strategic Partners (RSP) has made a £100,000 donation to AGE UK in Thanet, to help them to set up and staff a community hub. The hub will help Age UK to ensure isolated, elderly and other Thanet residents who are struggling as a result of Coronavirus, are struggling as a result of Coronavirus, are given vital support.

With the help of Sir Roger Gale MP, the directors of RSP identified Age UK Thanet as…

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Manston Skills and Education Board attends Big Bang STEM event at Discovery Park

The Manston Skills and Employment Board (MSE-B) was one of a number of organisations from across East Kent which attended the annual ‘Big Bang’ STEM event at Discovery Park this week. Students attending the show explored the model of the Manston site, were briefed on RSP’s plans for Manston – and the wide range of potential careers that they could consider in the aviation sector.

The MSE-Board was established in January 2019 to ensure local people get the maximum benefit from…

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Manston Airport passes Stage 1 of CAA Airspace Change CAP1616 process

RSP is pleased to confirm that Manston Airport has passed Stage 1 of the Civil Aviation Authority’s Airspace Change CAP1616 process. This follows an extensive engagement process, with technical/aviation organisations and local government that begun in Autumn of last year.

The Airspace Design Principles that were developed through the process will be used to provide the framework for the development of Airspace Design Options later year. RSP will then hold full public consultation events and consult widely with local residents, businesses, communities, the public and other stakeholders to seek their…

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Manston Skills & Employment Board focuses on maximising local opportunities

The Manston Skills & Employment & Board met to progress their work on a range of training and education initiatives to ensure local people get the maximum benefit from the reopening of Manston Airport. The MSE-Board was established in January 2019 to ensure local people get the maximum benefit from the reopening of Manston Airport. RSP is committed to local recruitment and local procurement, and the MSE-B will ensure people from East Kent have the right skills to take the wide range of jobs that will be created.

The MSE-Board considers the future employment and skills needs of the airport following DCO approval, from…

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DCO decision delayed until May 2020

The Parliamentary Under Secretary for Transport, Nusrat Ghani MP has today (16 January 2020) made a statement in the House of Commons extending the deadline for the DCO decision to 18 May 2020. While frustrating, the delay is not unexpected – the last five decisions on DCO applications have all been delayed and none have yet been made. Undoubtedly, the recent General Election, ongoing Brexit process and significant infrastructure workload for which the government is responsible have also played a…

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RSP supports Isle of Thanet Trees and Woods Initiative with £100,000 donation

RSP is supporting a project to plant more than 1,200 trees in Thanet as part of a £1 million project – The Isle of Thanet Trees and Woods Initiative (ITTWI)

The ITTWI has successfully secured £525,000 from the Urban Tree Challenge Fund, overseen by the Forestry Commission, and is also supported by £100,000 funding from RSP as well as £430,000 labour ‘in kind,’ making a total project value of…

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Update on the Airspace Design Principles engagement process

This autumn, RSP started an engagement process to develop Airspace Design Principles for Manston Airport.

At the beginning of October, questionnaires were sent to representatives from statutory consultees, including district and parish councils and technical/aviation organisations, to ask for their input and guidance in shaping Airspace Design Principles.

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Airspace Design Consultation update

Next week, the first of a number of stakeholder engagement meetings takes place as part of the Airspace Design Consultation announced on 4 October 2019. The engagement process follows the CAP1616 guidance, set out by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), and is designed to be both thorough and comprehensive. At this first meeting, invited representatives from statutory consultees, including both the district and parish councils and technical/aviation organisations, have been invited to provide technical input on safety, environmental and operational matters in relation to designing Manston’s future flight paths.

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Changes to RSP Privacy Policy

We have updated our privacy policy. For information about how we manage your personal data, you can access our Privacy Policy dated 31.10.2019 by clicking…

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RiverOak Strategic Partners to start process to secure approval for airspace procedures for Manston Airport

In addition to needing a Development Consent Order (DCO) to build Manston Airport, RiverOak Strategic Partners (RSP) must also secure approval from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) for its use of airspace and procedures to enable safe and efficient operations to and from the airport.

In accordance with the Civil Aviation Publication (CAP) 1616 – Airspace Design: Guidance on the regulatory process for changing airspace design including community engagement…

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RiverOak Strategic Partners completes purchase of Manston Airport site

RiverOak Strategic Partners (RSP) can confirm that its acquisition of Manston Airport from Stone Hill Park completed this evening, Monday 9 July 2019, for a purchase price of £16.5 million.

In light of this development, RSP has submitted an updated Summary of its Case for the Development Consent Order, to the Planning Inspectorate, now that many of the issues relating to the Compulsory Acquisition of the land and, the objections to the proposals made by SHP, have fallen away. The Planning Inspectorate has published this summary on its website and it is also available on the RSP website, on the documents page.

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Manston Airport site sold to RiverOak Strategic Partners Limited

Stone Hill Park Limited (SHP) has agreed to sell all its interests in the Manston Airport site to RiverOak Strategic Partners Limited (RSP). Contracts were exchanged yesterday (Tuesday 2 July) and completion of the purchase is expected to take place early next week.

The site is currently subject to a Development Consent Order (DCO) examination process on proposals by RSP to reopen the airport as a freight hub.

As the new owners of the site, RSP will be able to carry out survey work vital to the conclusion of the DCO examination process with…

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Examination of our proposals for Manston gets underway this week

2019 will be an important year for the future of Manston Airport. This week, on Wednesday 9 January, the Preliminary Meeting for the Development Consent Order application takes place in Margate. The examination of our proposals, by the Planning Inspectorate, will begin the next day – a process lasting six months.

We continue to plan for the reopening of the airport. Following the acquisition of the Jentex site on Canterbury Road West in Ramsgate, which is designated as the location of the airport fuel facility, we are meeting with a wide range of other potential partners and stakeholders across…

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RSP holds third parliamentary briefing

Last week, RiverOak Strategic Partners held the third in a series of parliamentary briefings, designed to keep key stakeholders up to date with the progress of the DCO and learn more about RSP’s proposals for reopening Manston.

Hosted by Sir Roger Gale on the terrace of the House of Commons, the briefing was attended by Members of Parliament, ministerial advisors, councillors from both Thanet District Council and Kent County Council and representatives from the Unite union.

There was a presentation from George Yerrall, Tony Freudmann and Rob Grinnell of RSP and speeches by…

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